Past Conferences

History and Inception

The concept of hosting an annual or biennial congregation of members of the NVDA community originated as a brainchild of NVDA community members themselves. Serving as a platform dedicated to a dynamically evolving screen reader, the 2019 edition of NVDACon was the sixth NVDA Users and Developers Conference. In March 2014, the organization of the first NVDACon took place, where current developments in NvDA and add-on development was discussed. Today, NVDACon allows NVDA users and developers to discuss latest developments in NVDA as well as learn more about various aspects of NVDA such as code development. This conference also provides a forum for users to meet and discuss suggestions, bug reports and so on about NVDA.

NVDACon 2019

At the sixth birthday of NVDACon we reached the highest turnout sofar with a peak of 68 listeners! A lot of interesting presentations made this conference a very special event. NVDACon moves to a higher level from year to year while the NVDA community grows. For the first time, we had the key note of NV Access professionally translated into spanish and we had also simultaneous translation of a japanese presentation! But most importantly, we could win professional speakers for NVDACon comming from Google, Mozilla or from De Anza coleague in Cupertino! NVDA is definitely moving forward and we hope we can actively participate in this trend with NVDACon also in the next years!

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NVDACon 2018

The fifth year of NVDACon International was held on June 1 through June 3. NVDACon 2018 was themed “Future proofing NVDA”, and future proofing it did, by expanding the NVDACon Planning Committee to four continents, producing one of the largest turnouts in the history of NVDACon International, and featuring presentations on some cutting-edge activities and technologies in the NVDA community. A scanning tool from Japan, the virtual technology club model from Ireland, powerful add-ons written by European contributors, and among others completed the lineup of sessions at NVDACon 2018 with the ever-popular Keynote Address by the NV Access staff.

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NVDACon International 2017

The fourth year of the international NVDACon and sixth iteration of the same, NVDACon International 2017, took place from the 19th to the 21st of May, 2017, and received coverage, broadcasting and mentions by several AT news agencies including BlindBargains, CoolBlindTech, Eyes On Success, ACB Radio’s Main Menu, Edified Access Radio among many others, as well as widespread community interest. Themed around ‘Community Engagement’ itself, the community did indeed play its vital part in organizing, attending and promoting the conference. With an NV Access sponsored Teamtalk server and web domain, presentations from a Google engineer, a Windows 10 accessibility champion, Dictation Bridge crew members, a Dutch assistive technology trainer himself and up to three sessions from the ever expanding NV Access staff, NVDACon International 2017 did not fail to match the increasingly significant role NVDA, as a screen reader, and the NVDA community, as its driving force, must now shoulder in the Windows screen reading space.

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NVDACon International 2016/Tenth Anniversary Edition

Now an annual Internet-based summit of NVDA users and developers, the 2016 edition of the international NVDACon marked ten years of fruitful existence and excellent service by a free and open source screen reader that is NVDA. This 4-day conference happened on April 22, 23, 29 and 30, and celebrated the multitude of applications and feature sets of NVDA, from Braille to Math. As part of these educational festivities, an add-ons festival also took place. Third party accessibility projects such as F123 Access and Dictation Bridge showcased the power of their products in conjunction with NVDA. Apart from the interactive Keynote Presentation session with NV Access staff, this conference expressed its gratitude to Joseph Lee, who retired as chairperson of NVDACon, handing over the responsibility of NVDACon chief management to Derek Riemer.

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NVDACon March 2015.1

With its steadily increasing popularity, the first assembly of NVDA users and developers for the year 2015 spanned two weekends and covered a variety of in-demand topics. Held on March 14th and 21st, 2015, this conference furthered the User General Chat and Keynote Presentation in 2015, convened NVDA translators from across the globe, gave a glimpse to users of Windows 10 and its usability with NVDA, and given their popularity, hosted another screen reader transitioning and add-ons discussion.

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NVDACon November 2015.2

Intended as a preliminary version of the 10th anniversary celebrations that were to take place in the NVDA community throughout 2016, the overall fourth iteration of the international NVDACon took place on November 14, 2015. It gave an updated sneak-peak at Windows 10, demonstrated the optimal utilization of several Google apps, and offered a chance to NVDACon attendees to shape the future of the NVDA conferences by assisting in the organisation of NVDACon 2016’s 10th anniversary edition.

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NVDACon March 2014.1

An NVDA Users and Developers Conference was held for the first time ever on March 1, 2014. From introducing the tradition of a commencing User General Chat to concluding with a Keynote Presentation, this is where it all began. The possibility of building NVDA’s skills by the creation, development and maintenance of NVDA add-ons is also explored in depth.

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NVDACon July 2014.2

Originally conceptualized as a biennial gathering, the second iteration of the international NVDACon took place on July 12, 2014. Kicking off with User General Chat as always, it featured a special session to answer questions pertaining to the transition from JAWS for Windows to NVDA and hosted a follow-up session to discuss the status of the community add-ons portal.

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