How to join us

How to join


During the 2020 conference, you can watch a stream, brought to us by Herbi Allen and FireStormHosting.

To use this stream, visit our streaming link or go to this link to play the stream in a media player.

TeamTalk is a program that you run on your Windows PC or smartphones (there is a Mac version available, but we have found that it does not work well with VoiceOver and so we do not recommend you use it). For the Windows PC version, follow these steps:


Download TeamTalk 5 from

(direct link).

When you are installing the above program, you will come to a screen where you can choose which components you want.

  • Tab to the list of components and arrow down until you find the “TeamTalk 5 classic” option.
  • Press space, then enter.
  • For best results with screen reading software, it is strongly recommended that you do this; the standard (non-classic) version is not very accessible.

Join the Server automatically (recommended for most users)

Select one of the links below to connect to the server directly (Note that you will need to configure push to talk and change your name):

Connect Manually (For advanced users)

If you wish to set up teamtalk manually, follow these instructions. Note: we recommend beginner users follow the link or place the file on their desktop.

Once the setup process is complete, and you are in the TeamTalk application, follow the below procedure to connect to the server.

  • From within TeamTalk, press f2.
  • Tab until you get to the “host properties” group, and erase any information that may be already in the edit fields.
  • For the “entry name”, type anything you want that will tell you what this server is (for example, “NVDACon”).
  • For “host address”, type
  • Set TCP port to 10333 and UDP port to 10333 and skip everything else. (Note: these are the default settings).
  • Press enter on “join/update” and you should be all set.
  • You can also use TeamTalk for iOS (called iTeamTalk) or Android.

After Login

Configure Push to Talk

Please note that our conference site uses push to talk. To configure push to talk:

  1. Press F4
  2. Check the “push to talk” checkbox
  3. Configure a key for use while you are speaking
    1. Change Your Name

      By default, you’re listed as ‘NoName’. To change your name, press F5 from TeamTalk, type your name, then press Enter.

      Once you are logged on, you can join any of the available rooms (note that some may be password-protected). We first recommend doing an audio test. To do this, go to preferences (F4), move along the tab strip with the arrow keys until you reach the sound system tab, and tab to the “test audio” button. To join this or any room, just arrow to it and press control-j (to leave a room, arrow to it and press control-l).

      List of rooms:

      • Entrance Hall/root channel (Note: Voice activation is disabled here, you need to have push to talk enabled to speak).
      • Conference Hall (The main room where all conference sessions, with exception of forums, occur).
      • ZZZZZ Backstage(for presenters only). This room is password protected: Presenters will be moved there automatically before sessions if they want audio setup help or to prepare.

      While in any channel, you will see two slider controls after the list of channels along with an edit field. The first edit field is for system and user messages. The second lets you chat by typing text and pressing enter. The first slider changes your microphone’s sensitivity (gain), and the second changes the volume of the room in general as you hear it.

      See you at the conference!

      If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at