NVDACon 2021 call for topics

Dear NVDA supporters, contributors, users, software developers, and accessibility enthusiasts around the world: We, the NVDACon 2021 planning committee, would like to invite you to start preparing topics for this year’s conference. NVDACon 2021 will be held on the first weekend of December 2021. The exact dates and timing will be determined as the conference […]

Lightning talk: Learning new languages and reading in other languages

Author: Deborah Armstrong Description: Come learn about various topics to help you fully utilize NVDA in an international setting. Topics include: Changing to an international keyboard Setting up Windows one-core (A multilingual, free, high quality speech synthesizer for windows ten) for different languages Using the SwitchSynth and the Braille Extender add-ons to assist in language […]

User meeting with Joseph Lee

Author: joseph lee Description: Since 2012, community add-ons by various NVDA contributors have made the difference in making NVDA what it is today. By adding new features, making apps usable, and bringing favorite speech synthesizers to NVDA community, these add-ons allowed NVDA to go everywhere. As one of the celebrated contributors to NVDA screen reader, […]