2020 NVDACon call for topics

NVDA – Bridging Distances

Good MorNoonAfterEveNight or simply: Hello Dear Friends, where ever you are in the world.

My name is Robert Hänggi
I am Chair of the 2020 NVDA user and developer online conference, or NVDACon for short.
(Visit us at https://www.nvdacon.org/)

There is no doubt that we are going through unprecedented times.
The blind community has always exemplified what is now forced on a majority of the society through challenging circumstances. We knew about paperless office, work from home or engaging and meeting online, long before this year’s happenings.

The more I am glad to announce that the tradition will be kept up and our yearly conference will be held on December 5th and 6th on the NVAccess TeamTalk server.

However, the conference will only be as good as its content. We have had some examples of interesting, captivating or even thrilling presentations in the past.
Let me shortly explain how you can contribute in order to keep the good quality of the sessions or even surpass it.

We have several types of sessions. They are characterized by their length as follows:

  1. Lightning Talk: is a fifteen to thirty minutes talk, with limited time available for questions and answers. In one session there will be two or three lightning talks.
  2. Full Blast Sessions: this is usually a presentation for sixty or ninety minutes. Full sessions are great for a more in depth topic which is covered in more detail.
  3. Thunder Clap Tweet: short news that are about 30 seconds each and that are compiled into a 15 minutes news feed. Ideal for promoting your new add-ons or to keep the community updated on new features.
  4. Fly on the Wall: shows NVDA in action and how it is used for work or in your leisure time. The length can be from 15 to 90 minutes.

If you are an add-on author, you can promote your creation through a personal presentation. Maybe you have presented it previously but you have added some cool new features, tell us about it and we will put it into the News Feed. New add-ons will automatically be added but you can tell us what to say about it.

If you are an organization and want to present exciting developments that touch on accessibility and NVDA, then you are very welcomed to do so.
The same is true for individuals that NVDA could help in the past and still does. Please share your experience.

We appreciate any contribution and beg you to submit your topic to
by the middle of November 2020.

We are looking forward to your topic proposals and do not forget that you can also engage yourself actively in the discussion forums or even help us plan and run the conference.


NVDACon Planning Committee

You can find us on twitter at NVDACon