User meeting with Joseph Lee


joseph lee


Since 2012, community add-ons by various NVDA contributors have made the difference in making NVDA what it is today. By adding new features, making apps usable, and bringing favorite speech synthesizers to NVDA community, these add-ons allowed NVDA to go everywhere.
As one of the celebrated contributors to NVDA screen reader, Joseph Lee believes add-ons are crucial to lives of NVDA users, more so when developers and users work together on planning the next add-on adventure. Join Joseph and users of his add-ons as they discuss various add-ons, including Add-on Updater, StationPlaylist, Enhanced Touch Gestures, and Windows 10 App Essentials, along with a chance to provide feedback and suggestions. Plus, Joseph will make important announcements about his add-ons as NVDA community prepares for the future such as upcoming NVDA 2019.3.