Calling All Topic Submissions


The NVDACon International planning committee would like to invite you to submit session topics for the upcoming NVDA community conference (NVDACon). The conference will be held in August of 2019.

NVDA – Nonvisual Desktop Access, is a piece of software which changes thousands of lives of visually impaired and blind people worldwide. As an open source project, NVDA is backed by a fantastic community. The NVDA community is unique by the fact that visually impaired and non visually impaired people work together to improve accessibility on Windows and to boost efficiency when working with third party applications. NVDA is not only a piece of software, it is a social movement which has spread around the world.
This amazing event, which underpins the social interaction between users, developers, institutions and stakeholders, is a NVDA community conference (NVDACon). Every year, the stakeholders in this community meet at this online conference and discuss or present interesting topics related to accessibility and the NVDA screen reader.

If you or an organization you represent are interested in presenting an exciting topic about NVDA, please submit your topic to by June 30th, 2019.

There are two presentation types available for NVDACon:

  1. Lightning talk: a fifteen to thirty minutes talk, with limited time available for questions and answers. In one session there will be two or three lightning talks.
  2. Full length session: this is usually a presentation for sixty or ninety minutes. Full sessions are great for a more in depth topic which is covered in more detail.

We are looking forward to your topic proposals.

NVDACon Planning Committee