NVDACon 2020

Join us live on TeamTalk for NVDACon 2020! Learn how to Join Us live, listen to the stream in your web browser, or listen to NVDACon through a media player. Thank you to Herbi Allen and FireStormHosting for the live stream.

What an inspiring conference in 2019!

With a peak of 68 users despite the rescheduling to november 2019, NVDACon 2019 was the most visited conference so far! The sixth NVDACon had so many unique moments, such as live translated presentations, well known speakers from Google, Mozilla and NV Access, professional speakers showing how to learn foreign languages with NVDA or how to work in MS excel with hierarchies in an efficient way and a lot of interesting addons from Tony! And much more! The best about it, these moments will be accessible for everyone! Just check out our recordings from NVDACon 2019. Go to the past conferences and enjoy the athmosphere of NVDACon!

What is NVDACon?

NVDACon (The Non-Visual Desktop Access Users and Developers Conference) is an annually held online conference of users, testers, developers, translators and other beneficiaries of the free, open source and community-driven NVDA screen reader.
Inspired back in 2014 by community interest, NVDACon has been conducted regionally in Asia, Korea, Japan, the United States of America, etc., and internationally each year. A steadily growing conference, NVDACon has become more exciting each year, and has furthered its reach to impact the lives of more people each year.

Stay tuned for opportunities to network with fellow NVDA users, learn about related projects, discover how you can optimize the usage of your favorite software with NVDA and hear from and interact directly with the gentlemen behind this life-changing screen reader.

Check out our archives for full coverage of past conference sessions. Also, while you are at it, join our announcements list to stay informed about NVDACon happenings via email.

NVDA community Promo

The NVDA community, built over more than 13 years, is a fantastic place to exchange experiences about blindness, provide or get support for and from users and learn every aspect of this great project. As every big community, we have our values and principles which transform the community into a place where everyone is treated with respect, while everyone contributes to NVDA in different ways. This promotional audio content produced by Joseph Lee, a long-time NVDA contributor and our NVDACon founding chair, expresses our values and our enthusiasm about NVDA and its impact on every user.

Our Mission

As a fully community-run initiative, NVDACon strives to serve as an international platform to annually convene blind and visually impaired individuals, rehabilitation professionals and assistive technology experts across the globe to increase awareness about the on going happenings at NV Access, the Australian non-profit organization behind NVDA, the available material and resources to shift to NVDA, and act as a venue to empower those seeking to employ NVDA with its absolute flexibility and rich features.